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A side effect after a breast augmentation surgery

A side effect after a breast augmentation surgery :  tendency of silicone tightened by tissue

An important message for either who has done breast augmentation or who plans to perform a surgery.

breast augmentation surgerySilicone used in the today’s augmentation is the 5th generation of Silicone development. This kind of silicone is quite safe and does not cause cancer or autoimmune disease. The silicone also does not have any impact on a pregnant mother and a breast-feeding mother. The main characteristic of this 5th generation silicone is that it is a static cohesive gel. However, breast augmentation surgery still has a tendency of side effect. The most often case is capsular contracture or silicone tighten by tissue or fascia.

When the silicone is added into the breast, the body would respond by forming tissue or fascia to cover silicone. This response happens to everyone who has a silicone added into the body. However, such tissue or fascia is not thick and does not cause any abnormal feeling. When groping around the breast, you would find a naturally soft and smooth touch.

For capsular contracture, there is abnormality of tissue formation, which is very thick. Then capsules of woven collagen fibers are also created. All of those tighten and squeeze the breast implant and may distort the shape of the breast implant. Tendency of capsular contracture is 10%.

The cause of capsular contracture is still unknown, however, it is believed that it may result from an infection, blood clotting from an operation, or a silicone leakage. A non-standard and low quality of silicone gel also results in a formation of capsular contracture.

Widely used standardized silicone brands in Thailand are:

  1. Mentor, a US brand
  2. Natrelle from Allegan, a US brand
  3. Silimed, a Brazilian brand

Only these three brands are Thai FDA approved.

There was another famous French silicone brand called “PIP France”. Recently, the silicone from this brand failed to meet standardization and was not allowed to sell. The factory was shut down.

Prior to surgery, one should learn to completely understand about the breast implant and should confirm with the surgeon for the FDA approved silicone brand. Avoid using any silicone from Korea, China or others countries without FDA approved, as it may be very risky. For your safety concerned, it is recommended that you perform an implant with a plastic surgeon.

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