Questions for your Facelift Surgeon


The following checklists are question for your plastic surgeon during the consultation.

1. Are you a certified plastic surgeon by the American Board of Plastic Surgery?
2. Were you specifically trained in the field of plastic surgery?
3. How many years did you practice in the field of facelift surgery?
4. Do you have hospital privileges to do cosmetic operation? And if so, which hospital is it?
5. Is the clinic or hospital are you in is it state-licensed or Medicare-certified? Are the facilities accredited by nationally recognized accrediting agency?
6. As a patient, am I a good candidate for this procedure?
7. How can I get the best results?
8. When and how will you perform the surgery?
9. What kind of surgical technique can you recommend to me?
10. How long will my recovery period?
11. What kind of help do I need during the recovery?
12. What are the risks and complications in line with my facelift procedure?
13. How can I handle the complications?
14. How can I expect my face to look?
15. What are my options when I don’t like the output of my facelift procedure?
16. What are the reasonable results for me? Can you give samples on before and after photos?

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